Fruits of Eden

We have come to appreciate that many people are not only seeking to reconnect with themselves through a healthier mind set and lifestyle by coming to Eden but that they are also seeking information that will enable them to make healthier informed choices.  Our hope is that our News page will increasingly become a source of articles and links focusing on beneficial products and therapies that will add to the quality of your lives and that of your loved ones.  
Our new Fruits of Eden page is a compilation of just such products that we, and our guests, have used to great effect and that we now wish to share with you.  We have tried to create a product list that brings together the best of ingredients, produced by companies with integrity and products that are often quite difficult to source. Although we stock and have available a wide range of Superfood Products they are only available from Eden Light so if you would like a list of those and their current costs please do contact us.

Please feel free to call us for any further information regarding our current list, the reasons for their inclusion or indeed if you would like any further information regarding any aspect of our services.  All orders can be placed by emailing us at


The Kuvings Silent Juicer

We are always striving to provide our guests with the best products on the market and we are very happy to now stock the multi award winning Kuvings Juicer.


New Exciting Colours!  and just $495 including FREE delivery and, for a short time, a copy of Sandra Cabots 'Raw Juicing can save Your Life' FREE with every juicer.


6 points you must know when juicing with a cold press juicer

  • Cutting fruit and vegetables long and thin will result to a faster and efficient juicing process that will yield more juice with less pulp.
  • Slower feeding of fruit and vegetables will reult to lesser pulp and more juice.
  • A slice of lemon with skin after juicing leafy greens is recommended. (spinach, kale, celery, wheatgrass and more) Lemon will enhance the taste of any juice and will clean excess fibre in the juicer for continuous juicing, without needing to clean the juicer in between juicing. Lemon is best cut into rings with the skin. (four slices to one lemon).
  • After juicing pour a jug of water through the chute for easy self cleaning.
  • Frozen fruit and ice cannot be cold pressed by this juicer.
  • Almond nuts and Soya bean must be soaked before juicing

Inner Alchemy Hypnotic C.D’S      $29.95

The range includes Inner healer, Connect to The Wise you, Detox, Inner Peace, Creating Abundance, Create your own destiny, Inner Child, Rebirth.

Take Ten Meditation CD’S 10 Minute Meditations for busy people      $29.95

Includes Optimum Health, Detox, Calm, Nature Getaways, Quick Getaways and Nurture Yours Spirit.




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